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Marc Daou - activist
Nanette Ziade - Radio Host
George Jabbour - President of the Lebanese Advertising Association
Sayed Feghaly - Head of division Endurance SAL, Khalil Fattal et fils
Patricia Nammour - actress, producer and founder of "l'atelier du Je"
Halima Tabiaa - Journalist Al Jadeed
Adam Chamseddine - Journalist Al Jadeed
Ramez El Kadi - Journalist Al Jadeed
Firas Hatoum - Journalist Al Jadeed
Layal Bou Moussa - Journalist Al Jadeed
Badih Abou Chacra - Actor
Dr. Ziad Njeim - Dentist and Human Rights activist
Talal El Jourdi - Actor
Joseph Otayek - Director of AUBMC
Hiam Abou Chedid - Actress and TV presenter
Tony Mrad - News reporter LBCI
Yara Dergham - News reporter LBCI
Judge Choukri Sader
Bernadette Houdeib - Actress
Georges Khabbaz - Author and Actor
Solange Trak - Actress and Director
Sola Mayaba - HR OLJ
Georges Jreidy - consultant
Bassam Abou Zeid - Journalist LBCI
Nicole Karkour - Marketing director OLJ
Zeina Bassila - HR director OLJ
Reine Maalouf - Comptable OLJ
Ray Nasr - Financial Director OLJ
Iva Kovic - Project director OLJ
Alexandra El Khoury - Digital marketing director OLJ
Michel Helou - Executive director OLJ
Salah Hijazi - Journalist OLJ
Hanaa Gemayel - Marketing director OLJ
Grecia Antoun - Journalist LBC
Ibrahim Najjar - Former Minister
Hamad Elias - Program Manager Konrad Adenauer
Neemat Frem - Former MP
Charbel Maroun - Journalist VDL
Rita Pia Antoun - News anchor MTV
Walid Abboud - MTV host
Farid Hbeich - Content Creator
Ranin Edriss - News Reporter MTV
Nabila Awwad - Journalist MTV
Patrick Gholam - Commercial Director MTV
Rania Achkar - MTV host
Edmond Sassine - Journalist LBCI
Wakim Ayyoub - Businessman
Jad Akhawi - Journalist
Zeina Karam - Activist at Beirut Madinati
Michel Hourani - Actor
Marwa Khalil - Actor
Maxime Chaaya - Sports Champion
Pierre El Daher - CEO LBCI
Sami Khayat - Theater author and actor
Mario Abboud - Journalist LBCI
Yazbek Wehbe - Journalist LBCI and university professor
Dr. Zeina Mohanna - Board Member of Amel Association
Hoda Chedid - Journalist LBCI
Imad Labaki – Governor of Akkar
Mireille Bou Khalil – Journalist MTV
Nakhle Odaime - Journalist MTV
Maurice Moussa - Journalist MTV
Sami Nader - Economic and financial consultant
Faraj Abagi - Journalist Annahar
Radwan Akil - Journalist Annahar
George Moussa - Journalist Annahar
Joelle Cherfane- Digital Manager at Annahar
Diana Skaini - Journalist Annahar
Philippe Aractingi - Film Director
Julien Courson - Executive Director of the Lebanese Transparency Agency
Ghassan Germanos - Activist
Carine Salameh - Actress/TV Host
Nadine W. Njeim - EX-Miss Liban
Nisrine Zawahra- TV Host
Lara Karam Boustany – Rector Sagesse University
Father Ziad Maatouk – General Secretary Antonine University
Father Michel Jalkh – Rector Antonine University
Fadlo Khuri – President AUB
Joseph Tawk – Radio and TV columnist and critic
Omar Zein - Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union
Adla Siblini - Vice president Conseil Libanais des femmes
Fouad Yammine - Actor
Lama Lawand – TV Host
Jad Tabet – President Order of Engineers – Beirut
Fouad Yammine - Actor
Lama Lawand – TV Host
Jad Tabet – President Order of Engineers – Beirut
Rola Khalaf- President of the Lebanese Dental Association in Tripoli
Maroun Helou - President of Contractors Syndicate
Michel el Murr - CEO MTV
Dany Haddad - Editor in Chief MTV website
Jessy Trad Kastoun - Head of MTV Business news department, anchor
Riad Tawk - Journalist- TV Host MTV
Dr. Naji Abi Rached - Cardiologist
Ricardo Karam - Journalist
Simon Abi Ramia - Member of Parliament
Pascale Boutros - Host at OTV
Pamela Ibrahim Kossayfi – Journalist at VDL
Wadah Sadek - Activist
Fadi el Khatib - Basketball player – Activist
Riad Kobeissi - Journalist Al Jadeed
Toni Eid - President Ashrafieh Traders Association
Noel Abi Nader- Director and owner of Man and Techman
Ghayath Yazbeck- Head of news department at MTV
Georges Attieh - Judge- President Central Inspection Board
Malake El Turk – Program Director Expertise France
Fares Abi Nader – Consultant – Member of ALDIC
Youssef Naaman – Advertising and marketing Leo Burnett – Member of ALDIC
Zeinab Hammoud – Judge
Cynthia Ghobril – Director USJ Foundation
Fouad Maroun – Secrétaire général USJ.
Naji Boulos – Conseiller marketing USJ et enseignant universitaire
Ahmad El Assi – Key expert on Access to Information
Bendi Riad Dagher – Project manager EU
Lilly Formaleoni – Project coordinator Expertise France
Pascal Monin – Directeur Observatoire de la fonction publique OFP-USJ
Karim Antoine Daher – Avocat et enseignant universitaire – Président ALDIC
Dolla Karam - Vice-recteur à la Recherche USJ
Carla Eddé – Vice-recteur aux affaires internationales USJ - enseignante universitaire
Fadi Geara – Vice-recteur à l’administration Ingénieur civil USJ
Toufic Jean Rizk – Vice-recteur aux affaires académiques USJ
Père Salah Abou Jaoudé – Vice-recteur USJ
Rein Nieland – Head of section Union European Union delegation in Lebanon
Pr. Salim Daccache - Recteur de l'Université Saint Joseph de Beirut

In order to protect the interests of the country within the framework of a solid social contract based on trust, fairness, and transparency, Lebanese citizens recognize the following principles:

  1. Corruption shakes the foundations of the country and society, and it affects all natural and legal persons in both the public and private sectors.
  2. Corruption violates basic rights, such as equality before the law, access to independent and impartial justice, access to health care and social protection, right to work, right to acquire education and knowledge, and right to housing.
  3. Corruptions undermines the citizen’s confidence in the political and administrative institutions of the country.
  4. Corruption destroys the moral values of society and contradicts the educational principles that are passed on to future generations.
  5. Corruption impedes the country’s prosperity and sustainable economic development.
  6. Corruption is a source of injustice and an unfair distribution of resources.
  7. Corruption hinders free competition and leads to an increase in prices at the expense of citizens.
  8. Corruption discourages Lebanese and foreign investors, and thus contributes to increasing unemployment.

Citizens’ declaration on the fight against corruption

I declare that combating corruption is a national and individual duty.

In this regard, I have an essential role to play, and I therefore commit to the following:


Keeping informed about, respecting, and acting in accordance with anti-corruption laws and their provisions.


Publicizing the importance of combating corruption in my surroundings.


Contributing to the promotion of anti-corruption practices and methods in my professional environment and in my dealings with others.


Refraining from requesting, offering, or receiving gifts, donations, gratuities, services, and any benefits of any kind from/to any person working in the public or the private sector with the aim of influencing a decision.


Avoiding conflicts of interest and announcing them when they cannot be avoided.


Realizing that well-intentioned corruption whistleblowers play a key role in combating corruption and deserve respect and protection.


Exercising my right to obtain information related to State finances as well as my right to accountability, as this practice is a national duty and it contributes to combating corruption.



Supporting all measures that allow the Lebanon State to recover funds and public assets that were illegally acquired or stolen, given the fact that asset recovery constitutes a national priority.


In the event of any elections, supporting and voting for candidates with good reputation and morals and candidates who actively fight corruption.


Supporting initiatives that aim at laying down anti-corruption rules and mechanisms in my country through signing this declaration.

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